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ALT 1: The traditional culture

Life in the 1800s and traditional culture in Valdres. Guided tour around the open-air museum, both outdoors and inside some of the historical buildings. Languages: Norwegian/English. 

Our guided tours last for about ONE HOUR and include a performance of live folk music, a tour of the open-air museum, and admission to one of the historic buildings to view artwork and handicrafts and learn about the everyday life of the people who lived there. 

Price per person in 2020: NOK 100 (over 15 persons). Price per group: Minimum NOK 1500. Outside Summer Season live folk music and dance can be ordered for NOK 2000.


ALT 2: The farm, cotters holding and mountain farm

Before ca. 1950, when the tractor became commonplace on the farm, the work in the steep fields was heavy and hard. In the summer, the women had help at home and could travel up in the mountains with the cattle – to the rich mountain pastures, many of which are still used today. Join us for a walk around the farm, the cotters holding and the mountain farm in the open-air museum. Languages: Norwegian/English. 

During these TWO HOURS you will join the guided tour through the farm, cotters holding and mountain farm in the museum. The guides will tell you about the history of at the life and work in Valdres, and you will get the possibility to taste some traditional food. 

Price per person in 2020: NOK 200 (over 15 persons). Price per group: Minimum NOK 3000. Outside Summer Season live folk music and dance can be ordered for NOK 2000.

Group booking and more information: 

We always require confirmation of the booking

Museum cafe

Large groups are advised to make a reservation in the museum café prior to their visit. ​