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Valdres Museums =

Valdres Folk Museum, collections in Bagn and Bautahaugen, Gardberg Site and The Norwegian institute of bunad and folk costume.

Object and focus areas

The object of the Valdres Museums is to conserve, document research and disseminate local cultural heritage. The Valdres Museums constitute a core museum in Norway in respect of living folk culture. Its focus areas are local history, self-sufficiency , building preservation, national costumes and folk music.


Valdres Museums shall facilitate a meeting place between generations and be perceived as responsible, relevant, bold and inclusive. This means that the Valdres Museums shall:

  • share knowledge
  • facilitate preservation and transfer of tangible and intangible cultural heritage
  • take its social mission seriously, be a credible voice that brings important knowledge into the public domain
  • make contemporary and future life richer for both individuals and society
  • show that we are a relevant cooperation partner and development agent
  • comply with the Code of thics issued by the International Council of Museums (ICOM)

The collections

The Valdres Museums manage over 100 historical buildings, almost 700 paper-based files, 15,000 archive recordings of songs and music, 100,000 historical photographs, 350,000 documentary photographs, 27,000 objects and 80,000 costume registrations. 

The historical buildings

The historical buildings span a broad spectrum of Norwegian building traditions. Pre-industrial timber-frame buildings from the 1700s and 1800s make up the largest part of the collection. The design and details are signs of local craftsmanship traditions, but also reveal affinities with internationally inspired styles. These impulses were first expressed as details in panels, mouldings, supporting beams, decorative painting and glasswork.

Contact us

Valdresmusea AS
Tyinvegen 27, 2900 Fagernes
Tel: + 47 61 35 99 00 // info@valdres.museum.no

Valdres Folkemuseum 
Tyinvegen 27, 2900 Fagernes
Tel:+ 47 61 35 99 00 // info@valdres.museum.no

Bagn Bygdesamling
Valdresvegen, 2930 Bagn
Tel.+ 47 61 35 99 00 // info@valdres.museum.no
Per Ivar Stensæter // Ole Aastad Bråten

Bautahaugen Samlinger
3528 Hedalen
Tel:+ 47 901 42 075 // info@valdres.museum.no
Halstein Nerbye

Norsk institutt for bunad og folkedrakt 
Tyinvegen 27, 2900 Fagernes
Tel: + 4761 36 62 50 // post@bunadogfolkedrakt.no

Munkekroen // the museum café
Tyinvegen 27, 2900 Fagernes
Tel:+ 47 61 36 01 77 // mail@munkekroen.com


Your support counts!

Your gift to the Valdres Museum makes the museum’s exhibitions and conservation of the collection possible. Thank you for your support. Our donation account is 1503.37.02431. IBAN: NO1315033702431BIC: DNBANOKKXXX. If you have questions, or if you wish to denote a gift in honor or memory, please contact the museum at info@valdres.museum.no.